Report back on return of ”Midnight Voices,” September 20th

On the night of September 20th, a small but appreciative audience attended the return of ‘Midnight Voices” after the August break to Friends Meeting House in Cambridge. Usually I don’t moan and groan over light attendance but given the vast array of talent which performed that night I feel I have to say something before giving the event highlights. Several people have expressed their opinions about how important this type of event, this cultural event in acting as a release for them about their military service, etc. I have expressed agreement with that idea. This event is “outside the box” of our parade, stand-out, vigil, conference, meeting cycle. Our ex-Coordinator Pat Scanlon has expressed to me many times how seldom we have social events during the year. The event is a good place to do just that socializing. I urge everybody in the future to come to this event on the third Thursday of the month to hear and see a wide range of performances. If you can’t come, then promote the event among those in your network. If you have anything you want to present there are open mic as well as mini-feature slots open each month. Let me know.

Now to the real deal, to the “why” of why you should come. Frankly in the few years this thing has been running this was one of the most outstanding arrays of talent I have witnessed. For open mic we had our beloved Ralph Madsen doing a reading, long-time folksinger Dorothea doing one of her creations and a great cover of “Pistol-packing Mama,” Joe Kebartas doing his madcap stand-up comedy, and folksinger Dave Drexel covering a David Bowie and a Beatles tune.

We had four mini-feature performers starting with young up and coming nature poet, that is the best way I can describe his work, Blake Campbell mixing up some poems based on local ocean locales and from his rural Pennsylvania roots. After intermission folksinger/songwriter Cindy Primett backed up by Dave Drexel did four covers including tribunes to Merle Haggard, Steely Dan, and Chuck Berry all who have passed away in recent years highlighted by a cover of “Crazy” which made me think the ghost of Patsy Cline was hovering in the room. Smedley, and jack of all trades it seems, David Rothhauser graced us with spirited excerpts of a historical novel based on our martyred Sacco and Vanzetti that he is working on. Folksinger and political activist Susan McLucas finished up with three songs one the famous American Civil War song “Let the band play Dixie” based on words attributed to Abraham Lincoln. See what you missed.

Next “Midnight Voices” October 19th at 7 at Friends Meeting House, Cambridge. Performers-TBA In November we have legendary golfer Pat Scanlon lined up to sing his wide variety of songs and stories that go with them along with his banjo channeling the ghost of Pete Seeger.

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