Guidelines for Participation in the Saint Patrick’s Peace Parade

Saint Patrick’s Peace Parade
The Peoples Parade for Peace, Equality, Jobs, Environmental Stewardship, Social and Economic Justice

The Saint Patrick’s Peace Parade is welcoming and inclusive of any group or individual who supports the following guidelines. We have eight divisions in our parade. Groups or individuals who abide by the following guidelines are welcome to participate. Please come and join one of the parade divisions. Parade participants are encouraged to bring and display banners, flags, posters, signs etc. Parade officials reserve the right to immediately expel any group or individual not abiding by the basic guidelines outlined below.

  1.  Participating groups and individuals first and foremost must be for peace, work for and /or support peace and promote peaceful resolution of conflict.
  2.  Participating groups and individuals must support and / or work for one of the main themes of the parade: peace, equality, jobs, environmental stewardship, and social and economic justice.
  3.  Participants must be peaceful and non-violent in all actions, speech, signage and clothing. Violent, profane, vulgar or disrespectful language in actions, word, signage or clothing will not be tolerated.
  4.  All participants must be appropriately clothed: Nudity of any kind will not be tolerated. Being shirtless is not allowed.
  5. All participants must exercise respect and courtesy towards any and all representatives of the City of Boston and the Boston Police.
  6.  If participants are confronted with hecklers, they are to remain peaceful. Not engaging in verbal or physical gestures, look forward and keep moving.
  7. Parade officials may remove any group or individuals who do not abide by any of the guidelines stated above.
  8. Any group or individual who supports the stated themes of the parade (#2) and are in full compliance with the stated guidelines is invited to join one of the eight divisions: Veterans For Peace, Peace, Religious, LGBT, Environmental Stewardship, Political, Labor, Social and Economic Justice.

Thank you, Peace, Erin Go Bragh,
Saint Patrick’s Peace Parade Organizing Committee

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