Armistice Day Parade & Faneuil Hall Peace Event

Attention Veterans & Peace Activists – Please join Veterans For Peace and The Leftist Marching Band for our Armistice Day Parade & Faneuil Hall Peace Event Day for PeaceNovember 11, 2019Armistice Day ParadeFaneuil Hall Peace Event Endorsed and… Read More

Boston Climate Strike


Many, many thanks to all who participated in our Smedley annual Remember the fallen, Memorial Day. Special thanks to Brian Quirk, bagpiper and bugler extraordinaire. Playing taps for the fallen Click here to see the Image Gallery  … Read More

Smedleys & MIT Students Protesting War Profiteers

Smedley Butler Brigade – Annual Fundraiser – A New Approach

Hello Friends, Supporters, Fellow Activists, In years past the Smedley Butler Brigade’s annual  fundraiser culminated with a party – dinner,  dancing and a raffle.  This year we’ve decided to experiment with a new approach using social media. We’ve… Read More

100th Anniversary of Armistice Day Commemoration

Time to reclaim Armistice Day as a day of PEACE The Smedley,Butler Brigade of Veterans for peace in Boston, long prohibited from being in the Veterans Day parade (too political), will again be having the “follow up” parade… Read More

Honk Parade 2018

Report Back On Honk! Parade And Octoberfest In Harvard Square-Sunday October 7th -Thanks To Smedley Honk! Marchers and Octoberfest Booth Volunteers Special thanks to Dan H. and Jain R-H for bringing materials, etc. over from the wilds of Quincy… Read More

Report back on return of ”Midnight Voices,” September 20th

On the night of September 20th, a small but appreciative audience attended the return of ‘Midnight Voices” after the August break to Friends Meeting House in Cambridge. Usually I don’t moan and groan over light attendance but given the… Read More

Report On “Pardon Whistle-blower Reality Leigh Winner” Stand-Out In Davis Square, Somerville -September 20th

On September 20th at the Davis Square MBTA stop in Somerville supporters of Russian military intelligence interference with the 2016 U.S. elections whistle-blower and veteran Reality Leigh Winner held a “Pardon Reality” stand-out. This was our first pardon effect… Read More

Sept. 6th March and Standout

On Sept. 6th the Smedley Butler Brigade of VFP marched from Park Street station through downtown crossing, to South Station for a stand out. We handed out leaflets informing folks of deaths in Yemen resulting from Raytheon’s weapons…. Read More