Mass Peace Action – Civil Disobedience & Arrests

May 27, 2018 all-day America/New York Timezone
Civil Disobedience & Arrests

Doug Stuart, Ray Ajemian, and Homer Franck attended the Mass Peace Action demonstration on May 27th.  The event comprised of a 1 hour demonstration on the main street in Lexington Center and Green followed by two minutes of silence to symbolize the now 2 minutes to doomsday, the shortest period of time designated since 1953;  then a 3 mile march to Hanscom Air Base which houses the U.S. Nuclear Command Center.

At the Hanscom gate 6 people chose to participate in Civil Disobedience asking to present the base commander with a letter explaining the illegalities of, and our moral outrage for, the development and deployment of nuclear weapons.

John Schuchardt was one of those 6 people. See photos below.

This action was moving and meaningful action in amazing proximity of an array of institutions comprising a significant portion of the military industrial complex in our country – Raytheon, Draper Labs, Lincoln Labs, and Mitre Corp., in addition to the U.S. Nuclear Command Center.

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