Globe Article: Warriors Celebrating Peace, Not Themselves

vets for peace

Pat Scanlon and other members of Veterans for Peace were interviewed for this excellent article in the Boston Globe. So proud of our veterans who have seen the horrors of war, and now commit themselves to peace. It… Read More

Boston Globe Article

St. Pat's Peace Parade

Gays in parade, but Veterans for Peace shunned Globe Staff/File 2013 David Carlson of Brighton marched in the Veterans for Peace parade in 2013. The organization has been barred from joining the main St. Patrick’s Day parade in… Read More

Rainbow Times Article on VFP and St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Saint Pat's Peace Parade

St. Patrick’s Day Parade: Paying Homage to VFP, Gay Inclusion By: Christine Nicco*/TRT Reporter— OUTVETS and Boston Pride’s participation in the less exclusive South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade, organized by the Allied War Veterans Council, AWVC, is… Read More

NECN “No Parade for Veterans for Peace?”

Vietnam Vet Pat Scanlon and Sarah Wunsch of MA ACLU discuss the exclusion of Veterans for Peace from Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

The Peace Parade Battle is far from Over!

Pat Scanlon featured story: After a year of reaching out to the city of Boston with no response, the Massachusetts chapter of Veterans for Peace (VFP) announced Monday that they’ve canceled their annual St. Patrick’s Peace Parade. The group’s decision to… Read More ‘Veterans for Peace,’ ACLU Sue City Over St. Patrick’s Parade Application

News Story Link: ‘Veterans for Peace,’ ACLU Sue City Over St. Patrick’s Parade Application   By Chris Caesar Staff | 02.12.15 | 5:25 PM A local branch of Veterans for Peace and the ACLU filed a First… Read More

Sam Adams and Mayor Walsh should sponsor St. Patrick’s Peace Day

by Carol Rose, On Liberty March 14, 2014 01:38 PM I like Sam Adams beer. I also like Samuel Adams, the American patriot, after whom the beer was named. As I’m sure all of you history buffs recall,… Read More

Carlos Arredondo serves as grand marshal for Boston Peace Parade (NECN video)

(NECN) – South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade was not the only parade in the city Sunday. The Peace Parade followed one mile behind and along the same route as the St. Patrick’s Day parade. It was organized… Read More

Mayor Walsh Should Honor St. Patrick by by Carol Rose, On Liberty

3/6/2014 Mayor Walsh Should Honor St. Patrick by by Carol Rose, On Liberty March 2, 2014 08:21 PM Newly-elected Mayor Marty Walsh should be commended for trying to open Boston’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade to all of… Read More

Pat Scanlon interview for BNN News aired March 5, 2014

Pat Scanlon, Coordinator of Veterans for Peace and the Smedley Butler Brigade, talks about plans for the alternative “St. Patrick’s Peace Parade,” which follows the main St. Patrick’s Day/ Evacuation Day Parade in South Boston on March 16…. Read More